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Anil Sharma has achieved a rare feat of making two all time blockbusters with Gadar- Ek Prem Katha and Gadar 2. While the first one made nearly Rs 80 crore when it released in 2001, Gadar 2 is still running and has entered the 500 crore club in less than a month of its release.
Talking about the success, Anil Sharma says, “I’m very fortunate, many people don’t get one Gadar, I got two.But I believe there is no magic in this from my side, it is all because of the blessings of god and my parents. It is god who has decided my happiness and my sorrow, so I can’t take credit for this feat.”
Adding more he also stated, “I’m someone who believes my success is not my success and my failure is not my failure, this is the upbringing my grandfather gave me. I was taught that what is going to happen will happen, if you are dumb you will cry over it, if you are smart you will have a smile on your face. I have seen a lot of good and bad times and I have taken both with the same face.”
Between the two Gadars, one thing that has definitely changed a lot is the political environment. Today people’s religious identity is questioned a lot more and in such a time, a lot of people are believing that Gadar 2 is anti-muslim. Clarifying his stand, the director says, “I don’t think about such marketing things, I’m an artist and I don’t understand the way the world functions. I just know that I wanted to make Gadar 2 because people had desired to watch it.”
Addressing the anti-muslim comments from different people he says, “Kahan hai? I think these guys must have spoken without seeing the film. Please ask them to see it again, the film not anti-muslim or anti-Paksitan. It is a human film, in fact we are saying why can’t one accept both Geeta and Quran… we have spoken the language of unity. We have shown a good character like mausi, even the actress (Simrat Kaur)’s family is shown so good. We are not against anyone, maybe the reviewers might have preconceived notions about the film. We are not against any religion, Muslims are our biggest audience and they are very dear to us.”

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