Arvind Kejriwal pitches ‘One Nation, 20 Elections’ and it has a Modi twist

Opposing the Centre’s ‘One Nation, One Election’ idea, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal pitched for ‘One Nation, 20 Elections’. Kejriwal reasoned that if elections were held every three months, Prime Minister Modi would not be able to “keep roaming around the world”, as he would be expected to run poll campaigns in the country.

“My demand is that there should be ‘One Nation, 20 Elections’. Elections should be held every three months. Otherwise, Modi ji will conveniently keep roaming the world and would not show his face to the masses for 5 years, until the elections arrive,” Kejriwal said while addressing a gathering in Jaipur on Monday.

Rejecting the ‘One Nation, One Election’ concept, Kejriwal alleged that the prices of gas cylinders and tomatoes will shoot up if elections are held every five years.

“Elections are held in our country every six months. So Modi ji is facing troubleâ€æ. he has to go among the public every six months and say something, make some promises (to win elections). If elections are held every five years, a gas cylinder will be sold for Rs 5000, and tomatoes will be sold for Rs 1500 per kg for five years. And then when elections arrive, PM Modi will say he is waving off Rs 200 from the cylinder prices,” he said.

Earlier on Sunday, while speaking in Haryana’s Bhiwani, Kejriwal said there should be one nation-one education, where rich or poor all get good education. “One Nation, One Election. What will we get out of it?” he asked. “We do not need one nation, one election. You keep it with you,” he added while taking a dig at the BJP.

The Centre on Saturday notified an eight-member high-level committee to examine and make recommendations at the earliest on the issue of holding simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha, state assemblies, municipalities and panchayats. The ‘One Nation, One Election’ idea has drawn heavy criticism from the opposition parties, including Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party.

Edited By:

Aishwarya Dakhore

Published On:

Sep 4, 2023

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