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NEW DELHI: Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag on Tuesday voiced his opinion, cautioning against sports personalities venturing into politics. He suggested that those who embark on this path often do so driven primarily by personal ego and a thirst for power.
Taking to X, formerly Twitter, he wrote, “I am not at all interested in politics. Have been approached by both major parties in the last two elections.”

“My view is that most entertainers or sportsman should not enter politics as most are there for their own ego and hunger for power and barely spare genuine time for people; few are exceptions, but generally, most only do PR.
“I love being involved with cricket and commentating, and being a part-time MP whenever convenient is not something I ever aspire for.”
The cricketer was responding to a man who “thought” Sehwag should have been an MP before Gautam Gambhir.
Sehwag’s comment comes just a day after his ex-India and Delhi colleague Gambhir found himself at the centre of a controversy following an offensive middle finger gesture to a section of the crowd in Pallekele during India’s Asia Cup match against Pakistan.


Gautam Gambhir caught on cam making obscene gestures, says lost cool after anti-India slogans were raised

In his clarification, Gambhir accused some fans of chanting anti-India slogans.
“When you come to watch sport don’t indulge in political sloganeering. If you are shouting anti-India slogans and Kashmir slogans you can’t expect me to keep quiet. Social media never gives you full picture,” he had told reporters on Monday.
Although a section of the media reported chants of “Kohli, Kohli” when Gambhir was walking back to the broadcasting area from the ground, he made it clear that his reaction had nothing to do fans chanting “Kohli”.
“Whatever is shown on social media, there is no truth to it. People show what they want to show on social media. What actually happened was there were anti-India slogans being chanted.
“There were slogans about Kashmir also. So, there will obviously be a reaction, one way or the other or laugh at it,” Gambhir said.
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