BIG BLOW to Anubrata Mondal before Durga Puja, court REJECTS bail plea of Mamata Banerjee’s ‘BAHUBALI’ leader

Trinamool leader Anubrata Mondal, who was arrested in the case of cow smuggling, was ordered to be further remanded in jail by a special CBI court. Anubrata’s bail plea was rejected by Judge Rajesh Chakraborty of the Special CBI Court of CBI in Asansol on Wednesday. The next hearing date of the case is October 5. The hearing will be held in Asansol CGM court. Therefore, this time Anubrata’s Durga Puja will be spent in the correctional facility.

On Wednesday, lawyer Sandipan Ganguly and lawyer Anirban Guha Thakurta applied for bail for their client Anubrata. Their argument was that the bail of the main accused in the cow smuggling case had been waived. Some stayed in jail for 32 days, some for 33 days. Some were granted bail without even jail custody. Anubrata’s lawyers questioned the court and said that the main accused in the cow smuggling case, Enamul Haque, BSF officer Satish Kumar, Enamul’s wife Rashida Bibi, Bikash Mishra, Sheikh Abdul Latif, Anarul Sheikh, Tanya Sanyal, Badal Sanyal have been granted bail. According to the lawyers, those who are accused of smuggling cows from India to Bangladesh have been granted bail. And the one against whom the complaint is that he only used to take cows from Birbhum to Murshidabad, is in jail!

After that, they applied for bail, citing Anubrata’s physical condition. Anubrata’s lawyers questioned the condition of toilets in the correctional facility is poor. Anubrata is also having an improper diet in the jail. This situation is enough for the 65-year-old Anuvrata’s health to deteriorate further.

On the other hand, CBI lawyer Rakesh Kumar said, “A lot of money was transacted through two voluntary organisations. A lot of money was transferred through the bank. Many colleges have come up in the name of voluntary organizations. Apart from this state, it has also happened in foreign locations also. Consider all aspects.” Besides this, the CBI again brought in the ‘Influential-theory’ opposing Anubrata’s bail. They claimed in court that Anuvrata is so influential that if he comes out, he could create problems in the investigation in various ways. The judge rejected the bail application after questions and answers from both parties.

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