Do you know which Indian company has the highest per employee income? TCS? reliance? wrong. Foreign brokerage company CLSA has brought very interesting information about about 76 top companies in India. Know here the list of those companies, interesting information about them. Let us introduce-


1. Highest Employee

TCS and Coal India are the only listed companies in the country with more than 3 lakh permanent employees.
2. Eldest CEO (in ages)

Premchand Godha, CMD, IPCA Labs, is the oldest executive head of any listed company in India. He is 70 years old.

3. Longest Annual Report

An annual report by Reliance, the country’s largest company, is 460 pages.

4. Use of the term ‘Demonetisation’

The term ‘Demonetisation’ was used 469 times in an annual report of 61 companies. It used the term 26 times in the SBI report.

5. Lowest CEO salary

Among the lowest paid CEOs / CMDs are SBI, Bank of Baroda and Corporation Bank. Whose salary is 30 lakh rupees.