‘Centre using governors to target non-BJP govts’: Rahul Gandhi in Tamil Nadu

Gudalur (TN): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre of ‘using’ the offices of the Governors to target the non-BJP ruled States in the country and claimed that it was pursuing its agenda of thrusting one-nation, one language policy on the country. Gandhi, who entered the State from Kerala, nearly 22 days after launching the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ from Kanyakumari, alleged that Governors were being used to “topple” the opposition-ruled States. “Why should Governors have the right to interfere in opposition-ruled States? Are they elected by the people?” he asked while addressing a mammoth rally here this evening. “Have the people elevated them to the Gubernatorial position? What right do the BJP and RSS have to topple government after government, which is duly elected by the people?” 

Also, Gandhi claimed that the Centre had no right to hold back the State’s share of the GST and that the sum should be given to States at the right time. “States should be partners (of administration) and Central government should hold the States in partnership. But the Centre wants to impose one language, one culture for the entire nation. We want unity but at the same time we should respect the diversity of languages, cultures and religions,” Rahul, who halted his speech for a brief while after hearing the evening prayers from a local mosque, said.

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He accused the BJP-led government of spreading hatred, violence and anger among the people and said Congress would not allow this to happen nor would the party allow any disrespect to any State or language.

During his interaction with businessmen during the yatra, he was told that the Centre’s policies, especially the demonetisation and GST were “disastrous” for the people. “The GST made the lives of businessmen more complicated,” Rahul Gandhi, said after concluding his 18-day long Kerala leg of the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Praising the beauty of Gudalur in the Nilgiris district, Gandhi said his sister, who built a house in Shimla used to describe its natural beauty. “Today, I told her that she has not yet seen the hill town of Gudalur.” The Congress leader entered Tamil Nadu through this town en route to his campaign in Karnataka on September 30. He was joined by scores of party workers and volunteers in this town in the hilly Nilgiris district.

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