Chhattisgarh: Congress MLA’s video with bundles of cash sparks controversy | VIDEO

Image Source : X/@OPCHOUDHARY_IND A screengrab of video of a Congress MLA from Chhattisgarh purportedly sitting in front of bundles of cash.

A video featuring a Congress MLA from Chhattisgarh sitting in front of stacks of cash has ignited a political dispute, with the BJP leveling allegations of “corruption” within the state. Meanwhile, the concerned legislator has defended himself, asserting that it’s a conspiracy to tarnish his reputation. Chhattisgarh BJP’s General Secretary, OP Choudhary, shared the video on his social media account, alleging that the Congress has turned Chhattisgarh into a hub of corruption.

In the video, MLA Ramkumar Yadav can be seen seated on a sofa beside a bed where bundles of cash are laid out. Another individual accompanies Yadav, while the third person sitting beside the cash remains unidentified.

Choudhary posted on X, “Will Congress accept this video in which bundles of notes are placed in front of its MLA or if it has any doubt over the video, will it show the courage to hand over the matter to CBI for investigation?”

He questioned Yadav’s claims of being poor and residing in a house under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Choudhary said that Yadav’s family, spanning generations, had been cattle herders. However, he pointed to the viral video, stating that it contradicted Yadav’s assertions.

Choudhary accused Congress members of looting Chhattisgarh over five years, alleging a culture of corruption and a “Mafia Raj” in various sectors, including fly ash, sand, coal, and liquor.

During a press conference, Choudhary called on Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel to acknowledge the “truth” presented in the video and take action against the MLA.

Yadav responded, dismissing the video as a conspiracy by some “feudalists” who cannot accept a person from a humble background rising to become an MLA.

He explained, “Those who have posted this video only can tell its objective. Neither I am looking at the money nor was my attention towards it. I was just sitting there and something was being told to me. It seems it was posted just to malign my image as I come from a poor family.”

Yadav went on to question the video’s implications, saying, “If I get photographed with an aircraft does it mean I become its owner? If Ramkumar gets photographed with a big palace, will he become its owner?”

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