Coimbatore blast: ‘In IS style, Mubeen shaved body; wrote about jihad’ | India News – Times of India

COIMBATORE: Jamesha Mubeen, the 29-year-old suspected suicide bomber killed in the car explosion in front of the Sangameswarar temple in Coimbatore on Diwali-eve, had shaved his body before the mission in keeping with the standard practice of Islamic State terrorists sent on such missions, police said on Thursday.
“His body wasn’t charred in the blast. We found enough skin to conclude he had shaved his body before setting out,” said an official privy to the investigation before the NIA was called in.
CCTV footage of Mubeen prior to the explosion, caused by one of two LPG cylinders in the car he was driving, shows him in a shirt and pair of trousers different from what he was wearing during the incident on October 23. “We found the trimmer with which he shaved off his body hair before bathing and changing. He seems to have offered prayers and drawn the IS flag on a slate using chalk,” the official said. He said Mubeen scribbled on the slate in Tamil that “those who dare to touch the house of Allah will be uprooted”.
“We have material that shows he was influenced by videos of Sri Lankan Easter blasts mastermind Maulvi Zaharan Bin Hashim,” he said.
Mubeen also purportedly wrote on a piece of paper about the “the call of duty of jihad”, an officer said. “He mentioned it was the duty of the youth — not children and elderly people — to wage a holy war. He listed humans under two categories in ascribbling—as Muslims and Kafirs. One of the scribblings reads vaal yenthu(wield the sword)”.
The Coimbatore Medical College Hospital has sent Mubeen’s post-mortem report to a judicial court and the investigating officer. Two LPG cylinders and three steel drums filled with explosives, nails, and glass marbles were found in the car that exploded.

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