Defining Moment, Says PM Modi As Rajya Sabha Clears Womens Reservation Bill

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it a ”defining moment’ in the country’s democratic journey as the Rajya Sabha the Rajya Sabha passed the Women’s Reservation Bill by an absolute majority on Thursday. The Prime Minister also congratulated 140 crore Indians and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all Rajya Sabha MPs who voted for the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam. 

“A defining moment in our nation’s democratic journey! Congratulations to 140 crore Indians.   I thank all the Rajya Sabha MPs who voted for the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam. Such unanimous support is indeed gladdening.   With the passage of the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam in Parliament, we usher in an era of stronger representation and empowerment for the women of India. This is not merely a legislation; it is a tribute to the countless women who have made our nation. India has been enriched by their resilience and contributions. As we celebrate today, we are reminded of the strength, courage, and indomitable spirit of all the women of our nation. This historic step is a commitment to ensuring their voices are heard even more effectively,” the PM said in an immediate post.



Several top ministers in the Narendra Modi government, politicians cutting across the party lines and noted figures from all walks of life hailed the historic passage of the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam bill.   

The motion was adopted in the Upper House with 215 MPs voting in favour and none against and without any abstention. Earlier, all Rajya Sabha MPs – cutting across party lines –  verbally supported the bill even as some Opposition members termed it an ”election gimmick.”  It now needs the signature of the President to make 33 per cent reservation for women in Lok Sabha and state assemblies official.

Ahead of the voting in Rajya Sabha, PM Modi said, “This bill will lead to a new confidence in the people of the country. All members and political parties have played a significant role in empowering women and enhancing ‘Nari Shakti’. Let us give the country a strong message.”

PM Modi earlier referred to the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday as a ‘golden moment of the Parliamentary journey of India’ and credited all the members of all the parties and their leaders for the achievement. 

According to an official statement by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), “Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Leader of the House today thanked all political parties for their support and meaningful debate regarding The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Amendment) Bill, 2023 in the Lok Sabha.”

As per the PMO release, PM Modi said that Wednesday’s decision and upcoming culmination in Rajya Sabha will change the mood of Matrushakti and the confidence that it will create will emerge as an unimaginable force for taking the country to new heights.

“To accomplish this sacred task, I, as the leader of the House, have stood to acknowledge and express gratitude from the bottom of my heart for your contribution, support and meaningful debate” ” the Prime Minister concluded. 

After the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in Rajya Sabha, all the women MPs of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will greet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his chamber located at Parliament House today, said sources.

On Wednesday, Lok Sabha passed the Women’s Reservation Bill, which provides for 33 per cent reservation for women in Lok Sabha and state assemblies. The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Amendment) Bill, 2023, received approval after a reply by Law Minister Meghwal.

The bill was passed following division, with 454 members voting in favour of the legislation and 2 against it on the motion for passage moved by Meghwal. The amendments moved by Opposition members were negative, and there was also voting on clauses of the bill.

The ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam’ is also the first bill passed by Lok Sabha during the special session after it shifted to the new Parliament building on Tuesday.

The Rajya Sabha had earlier passed the Women’s Reservation Bill in 2010 during the Congress-led UPA government but it was not taken up in the Lok Sabha and subsequently lapsed in the lower House of Parliament.

The government introduced the new bill on Tuesday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing the government’s intention to bring ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam’. The Special Session of Parliament began on Monday and will continue till Friday.

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