DNA Exclusive: Analysis of illegal mining mafia network in India

In an extremely shocking incident, a senior official of Haryana police was killed by the mining mafia in the state’s Nuh district – some 50 kilometres away from the national capital. The broad daylight killing of such a highly positioned police officer left the state administration, media and the police department shocked. However, not many common people seemed concerned about the incident – as they couldn’t relate to it. People, it has been observed, are generally not concerned when it comes to the exploitation and stealing of natural resources in the country.

However, it’s very important to be concerned about the exploitation of natural resources in the country.

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan makes an analysis of illegal mining activities and related crimes across the country that often go unnoticed.

The incident that took place today was utterly shocking. Nuh district’s Deputy Superintendent of Police, Surendra Singh, had arrived at the location after a tip-off. As the cop tried to stop the illegal mining, the audacious criminals mowed him down with their dumper.

DSP Surender Singh, during patrolling in the area, had got inputs about illegal mining in the hills towards Panchgaon.

Acting swiftly, he, along with his team, reached the spot. On seeing the police party, a dumper driver tried to drive away towards a hilly patch while unloading his vehicle which caused the DSP`s vehicle to halt.

The driver did not pay heed to Surender Singh`s signal to halt but instead ran him over. The incident has left the administration shocked.

However, many people are not very concerned about the incident.

Let’s understand in detail the illegal network of the mining mafia in our country.

According to a report by Environment Ministry, between 2013 and 2017, 4 lakh 16 thousand incidents of illegal mining were reported. That is, according to this report, there are an average of 1 lakh incidents of illegal mining in the country every year; every month it’s 8,833; every day 294 and every hour the figure is 12 incidents, the chest of some river and hill of the country is dug illegally. That is, the mineral wealth of the country is openly looted.

Watch DNA to understand in detail the organised network of illegal mining mafia. 

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