DNA Exclusive: Analysis Of Justin Trudeaus Love For Khalistan

NEW DELHI: A war of words has erupted between Canada and India over the killing of Khalistani extremist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently accused India of involvement in the murder during his address to the Canadian Parliament. Notably, Trudeau’s accusations lack concrete evidence, and a thorough investigation into the matter is still awaited. However, Trudeau seems to be leveraging these allegations for political reasons, aligning with Khalistani sympathizers to secure a vote bank.

The aftermath of these accusations has seen a diplomatic standoff between the two nations. Canada initiated the conflict by recalling its Indian envoy, based on unproven allegations made in the Canadian Parliament. In response, India promptly asked a senior Canadian envoy to leave the country within five days, citing alleged involvement in anti-India activities.



Adhering to the principle of ‘Tit For Tat,’ India issued an advisory to its citizens and students in Canada, urging them to exercise vigilance due to the rising anti-India activities. This advisory is seen as a strategic move by India, responding to Canada’s concerns about deteriorating security in their country and warning Indian students accordingly. In reality, Sikh extremist activities have surged in Canada, with the Trudeau government openly supporting Khalistani terrorists. While it is Canada’s responsibility to ensure the safety of Indians residing within its borders, the Indian government is rightfully concerned given Trudeau’s support for Khalistani terrorists for political gains.

Canada’s concerns for its citizens appear to be influenced by pressure from Khalistani terrorists, as there have been no significant security incidents in India involving foreign citizens. This suggests that the Canadian government may be succumbing to pressure from Khalistani supporters, prompting Trudeau to take tactical steps against India to secure his Khalistani vote bank.

The advisory issued for Indians in Canada is a crucial step, considering the challenging situation for Indian citizens, particularly the Hindu community. Amidst the rising tensions, Khalistani supporters in Canada are planning an anti-India rally on September 25, raising fears of potential violence. Indian diplomats stationed in Canada have been advised to remain vigilant during this event.



Intelligence agencies have gathered evidence indicating that over 20 Khalistani extremists residing in Canada are conspiring with Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI, to plot a major conspiracy.

Tonight on Zee News’ prime time show – DNA, anchor Sourabh Raaj Jain conducts an in-depth analysis, delving into Justin Trudeau’s motivations and vote-bank considerations driving his support for Khalistani sympathizers.

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