Exclusive – Sara Khan’s sister Ayra: Ali Merchant has cheated on my sister multiple times, why would a girl live with a man who’s going around fu***** other girls | The Times of India

Ali Merchant has tried multiple times to get back to Sara. We have all his messages. He would cheat on her and then again beg for forgiveness. In fact, his mother, father and everyone have tried to bring Sara back into his life. But how is it possible? Why would a girl forgive a person who is going around sleeping with her friends, other girls. In fact, he slept with her manager also. When Sara came out of Bigg Boss and decided to surprise him, he was caught sleeping around with her manager who was managing Sara’s work at that time. Why would a women stay with a man who’s fu***** around with other girls. After Ali, Sara had just been focussing on her work and she is still doing that, Ali got married thrice and he has the audacity to say that Sara has not been able to settle in her life. Sara is very well settled in her life. She is doing great work on television, staying with a lovely family, she’s looking after herself and her family, so she’s very much settled. (Photo: Instagram)

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