Exclusive: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath’s Veiled Message on Controversy Surrounding Bageshwar Dham Peethadhish Dhirendra Shastri

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is known for speaking his mind be it controversial or political. Now in an exclusive interview with Zee News, CM Adiyanath spoke on a host of issues including doubling the GDP of Uttar Pradesh in the last 6 years and the law & order situation. He said that the image of Uttar Pradesh was very bad during the previous governments in terms of law and order. Attacking the Samajwadi Party, he said that they have nothing to do with the agenda of development. 

When he was asked about Bageshwar Dham priest, CM Yogi Adityanath said that it’s up to people to believe or not as the same is not being imposed on anyone. He said that if someone believes in it, he should have faith and if someone doesn’t believe, he should not worry about it. He said that Sanatan Dharma is eternal and one should maintain its values by avoiding artificiality or any ostentation.

“This is not being imposed on anyone. Believe in it if you have faith or else don’t believe in it. If you have faith in religion, you can believe in it or not as well. If someone has faith, he/she goes to the place and his soul gets satisfied, why do others have to put an obstacle in his marg? Religion is based on eternal values and I think we have to maintain its integrity and its eternal values at all costs. We should avoid such things which show ostentation or in which any kind of artificiality is visible. If we keep the reality in front of the world with full decency, then its results can be better,” said the chief minister which can be interpreted as a veiled message to Bageshwar Dham Peethadheesh Dhirendra Shastri. 

When CM Yogi was asked whether Sanatani are more tolerant than necessary, he said it may be the truth but maintained that Hindus are sanatanis because they favour truth. “This is why we are eternal. We can face the biggest challenges and move ahead in a new life after defeating them,” said the CM.

CM Yogi also said that the double-engine government of Center and UP has improved the image of the state in the whole world. 

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