G20 Summit: AI-Generated Avatar To Welcome World Leaders At ‘Mother Of Democracy’ Exhibition

New Delhi: The Heads of State and other top leaders will be greeted by an artificial intelligence-generated ‘avatar’ at the ‘Mother of Democracy’ exhibition which will be hosted at the Bharat Mandapam to mark the G20 Summit, official sources said on Monday. The exhibition will showcase India’s democratic traditions from the “Vedic period to the modern era”, they said.

The textual content, along with its audio is presented in “16 global languages”, including English, French Mandarin, Italian, Korean, and Japanese, they added. The history of the democratic ethos of India will be “summed up and retold through 26 interactive screens” arranged in multiple kiosks, sources said.

“Upon their arrival in the exhibition area, heads of state, delegates, and other guests will be greeted by an AI-generated ‘avatar’ which will provide them a concise overview of the exhibition,” the source said.

A replica sculpture of the Harappan girl, placed on a rotating elevated podium will be standing in the centre of the hall in the exhibition area. The actual height of the object is 10.5 cm but the replica was created 5 ft. height and 120 kg weight in bronze, the source said.

The election traditions of India will be showcased right to the modern era when after Independence, the first general elections were held in 1951-52 down to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the sources said. 

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