G20 Summit: Joe Bidens The Beast Hits Delhi Roads, Know All About Worlds Safest Car

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States of America has arrived in New Delhi to attend the G20 Summit, hosted by India for the first time ever. Joe Biden, 78, the oldest president in the history of the USA landed at the Delhi International Airport in the Air Force One, the safest plane in the world. While he flew for several hours to reach India in the “flying oval office”, Biden is now travelling in “The Beast”, the safest and most advanced vehicle in the world to reach the residence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here’s all you need to know about the Cadillac One:

1) The presidential car is a duo of specially made limousines by Cadillac, an American automaker. Two identical Cadillac One travels together wherever the US President travels. 

2) Fondly called “The Beast”, was taken into the Presidential Secret Service fleet in 2018 after spending a great time in R&D. The Beast is based on Cadilac. 


A military-grade armour which is five inches thick makes up for the outer sheet of the Beast. The doors of the vehicle are armoured-plated and are eight inches in diameter. The windows are bulletproof and house five layers of polycarbonate and glass. This solid construction provides this car with an extremely safe interior for the  President of the United States of America.

The vehicle has to protect the President from every sort of attack and thus the Chasis of the Beast is made up of reinforced stainless steel plates which can take a bomb attack. The tyres are reinforced with the hardest possible material, Kevlar and are puncture resistant. The wheel rims are made with tough stainless steel which makes it possible to drive at high speed in case if the tyre gets damaged in any attack.

The car has its own oxygen supply for the cabin, President has access to the panic button which provides car cabin with oxygen. The Beast houses a satellite phone which has a direct hotline to the Vice President and the Pentagon.

The fuel tank is armoured-plated and is coated with specialised foam which in case of an explosion. The trunk of the car houses smoke-screen dispensers, tear gas and a complete firefighting system in it. The beast is equipped with pump-action shotguns and tear gas cannons. 

The car also houses blood bags of the President’s blood group in case of emergency. The driver has access to special communication centre and a GPS tracking device. The driver for US presidential vehicle is a specially trained person in extreme driving conditions which includes escape and evasion, 180-degree ‘J-turn’.

The car weigh around 6350 to 9071 kgs, and to move such a hefty vehicle, it is fitted with a 7.5-litre V8 diesel engine which produces 214 horsepower.

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