G20 Summit: Lockdown In National Capital From September 9-10? Heres What Delhi Police Says

NEW DELHI: The G20 Summit, scheduled to be held between September 9 to September 10, will not result in a lockdown in Delhi, according to an announcement by the Delhi Police. This clarification comes in response to confusion surrounding potential security-related lockdown rumours.

Delhi Police used humour by sharing a meme from the South Indian movie “Don No.1” on Twitter (X), assuring the public that no lockdown would occur during the G20 Summit. The meme humorously reads, “Boys and girls, relax! G20 Summit ke time par Delhi main lockdown nahi hai.” Delhi Police’s caption emphasized this, urging Delhiites not to panic and to stay updated on traffic information via @dtpftraffic’s Virtual Help Desk or the @Mappls app.



Delhi Traffic Police has also established a specialized helpdesk to provide real-time traffic updates throughout the summit and recommended using the metro service. The advisory also clarified that areas outside the New Delhi Municipal Council’s jurisdiction, excluding National Highway 48, would not be affected. Essential services and commercial vehicles for specific purposes would still be operational.

Residents with verified identity documents and visitors with hotel reservations within the zone would be allowed entry, while commercial vehicles will be restricted in the New Delhi district during the G20 Summit. Delhi Police has also conducted full-dress rehearsals for the summit, impacting traffic, with metro services recommended as an alternative.

Delhi has prepared extensively for the G20 Summit, with nearly 6.75 lakh floral pots adorning the streets and enhancing designated venues. Various government departments and agencies have contributed plants and pots to create a botanical transformation across the city. Additional potted flowering plants have been planned for September month to ensure a vibrant atmosphere during the Summit.

India’s leadership of the G20 group, which began in December of the previous year, focuses on representing the concerns and interests of the Global South. Prime Minister Modi’s mission is to be the voice of the Global South and foster inclusivity, emphasizing consensus-based global solutions that address the Global South’s concerns, similar to global aviation regulations.

Delhi is eagerly preparing to host the G20 members and showcase the city’s vibrant transformation for this grand event.

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