‘Gadar 2’ Anil Sharma calls out Bollywood practices; says actors don’t step outside the studios and filmmakers use face replacement | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

When ‘Gadar 2’ was released on the big screen, everyone enjoyed each and every sequence of the movie. However, when the trailer of the same came out, people started picking up on the movie on the grounds of VFX. They started complaining that they didn’t like the VFX work. However, director Anil Sharma said that there was no VFX work in the movie, they shot the entire thing the old-school way.
During his interaction with Instant Bollywood, Anil Sharma called out certain practices that have become a part of Bollywood. He said the audience today is so used to CGI that they don’t realize where VFX has been used and where there is actual in-camera footage.
He said he didn’t have a budget of Rs. 50-60 crores for VFX. Sometimes studios go as high as Rs. 100 crores for the special effects. However, they had budget constraints and shot everything in real locations. From the tanks to the crowd, the explosion, everything was real.
Anil added that this is how movies were made back in the day, this is exactly how the first ‘Gadar’ was made.
Further, the director confessed thinking that perhaps people have lost their minds if they can’t differentiate between reality and VFX. However, that has been ingrained in their minds. Sharma said that the audience today is simply not used to seeing the real effects and it is not their fault. This is what has been fed to them in the last 15 years, as the makers are not shooting in-camera anymore. The actors these days don’t like to step out of the studio; so, in their place, the crew shots in the real location, and later the face-replacement technique is used by the makers.
‘Gadar 2’ has crossed the Rs 500 crore mark. Sunny Deol recently organized a success party to celebrate the movie at this residence, which was a complete star-studded event.

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