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As the vibrant season of festivals approaches us and brings along various joyous occasions that call for a huge celebration, the nation gears up for a gala time. Thus, this time calls for an upgradation not just in our personal lives but also in our lifestyle and home.
This is where the allure of appliances that make living better comes into play. And in a bustling Indian household where washing clothes is a dreadful chore, the introduction of a fully automatic machine in our lives is no less than a revolution. As the use of washing machines becomes more imperative and the market gears up with attractive offers, it is definitely the right time to consider buying a washing machine this festive season.
Among the multitude of choices available in the market, Samsung’s fully automatic washing machines have emerged as an epitome of innovation and affordability, making it an ideal festive buy. Their superior cleaning prowess, energy and water efficiency, and cost savings while donning advanced washing methods such as Ecobubble Technology, Hygiene Steam feature, AI-enabled Smart Washing and robust warranty, among other stellar features, make for an efficient cleaning experience.


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Let’s delve deeper into the stellar features of Samsung’s fully automatic washing machine.

Ecobubble technology: After a long week of work, you really don’t want to invest hours brushing your clothes for a clean wash. For that, Samsung’s washing machine comes donned with Ecobubble technology that turns detergent into bubbles that deep wash your clothes.

AI-enabled smart washing with SmartThings app: You really don’t want to spend your time watching your washing machine do the cleaning amidst all the festive celebrations. To enable you with a top-notch experience, the Samsung washing machine offers an AI-enabled experience. You can connect it with the Samsung SmartThings App, which offers features like Laundry Planner, which allows you to fix the laundry cycle based on personal preferences, and Laundry Recipe, which recommends wash cycles based on the colour and fabric of your clothes. Not only this, the machine also allows the user to set up laundry pickup time, giving you personal time for your festive strolls. All thanks to its ‘Going Out Mode’. And for an extra ounce of protection, the ‘HomeCare Wizard’ will give you proactive alerts and offer speedy troubleshooting.

Hygiene steam with an inbuilt heater: It’s imperative for a fully automatic washing machine to ensure deep cleaning of clothes without leaving any stubborn stains behind. That’s where Samsung’s fully automatic washing machine comes into the picture. It deploys the hygiene steam with an inbuilt heater that enhances the quality of the wash without any pre-treatments. Owing to the steam released from the bottom of the drum soaks, pulsates and spins the clothes at high speed, ensuring the elimination of up to 99.9% bacteria and allergens from the clothes. This makes them all fresh to wear after every wash.

Elegant design and secure warranty: For a modern homeowner like you, you definitely should adorn the corner of your house this festive season with a washing machine that’s not just superior in its functionality but also dons a sleek look. That’s where the Black Caviar-Samsung washing machine takes center stage. It adds a stunning charm to your home’s interior while making the washing chore a hassle-free task. What’s even better is that these fully automatic washing machines come with a 20-year warranty on the motor.
Now that you know about Samsung’s fully automatic washing machine’s exceptional features, let’s take a look at some of the top washing machines in this category that bring innovation under an affordable budget.

9.0 kg Ecobubble™ Front Load Washing Machine with AI Control, Hygiene Steam & SmartThings Connectivity, WW90T504DAN

Larger families that require more than six washes in a week or aim to finish bulk loads, which includes heavy quilts, curtains, blankets and more just in fewer washes can consider the 9.0 kg Ecobubble™ Front Load Washing Machine. This machine is also suitable for washing heavy clothes like your blankets and quilts without having to worry much about its efficiency. With AI Control, Ecobubble, Hygiene Steam, SmartThings Connectivity and digital inverter technology, dreadful chores like washing clothes become a hassle-free task. It is also equipped with the bubble soak function, which takes off the most difficult stains like tea, wine, make-up, and so much more with ease.

Samsung 8.0 kg Ecobubble™ Front Load Washing Machine with AI Control, Super Speed, Hygiene Steam & SmartThings Connectivity, WW80T604DLB


This 8.0 kg Ecobubble™ Front Load Washing Machine is a perfect fit for times when you want to connect with your personal and professional life more without having to worry about investing long hours in laundering. This machine comes equipped with Eco Bubble™ technology that cleans clothes even at low temperatures while allowing the bubbles to penetrate easily into the fabric, which efficiently removes dirt. With the AI control feature, you can personalise your laundry cycle, and the Super Speed feature reduces your laundry time by washing loads in just 59 minutes. You can also plan your laundry cycle better and more efficiently with the SmartThings app, which provides troubleshooting, protection, etc.

9.0 kg Ecobubble™ Top Load Washing Machine with in-built Heater, WA90BG4582BD


The Samsung Ecobubble™ Top Load Washing Machine, weighing 9.0 kg, incorporates a built-in heater that elevates its cleaning capabilities, which eliminates up to 99.9% germs or bacteria. The innovative Ecobubble™ technology guarantees a thorough and gentle washing experience. With a generous capacity of 9.0 kg, it conveniently handles substantial loads, making it an ideal choice for families and demanding washing tasks.

8.0 kg Ecobubble™ Top Load Washing Machine with SuperSpeed™, WA80BG4545BV


With cutting-edge technology and affordability under one umbrella, this machine ensures deep cleaning as the Ecobubble™ technology turns detergent into powerful bubbles that penetrate deep into fabrics. The machine also allows you to complete your cleaning faster with the SuperSpeed™ feature, which accelerates the wash cycle. With an 8.0 kg capacity, this machine is apt for families and bachelors alike while ensuring you have ample space for bulk wash. Additionally, the 8.0 kg Ecobubble™ Top Load Washing Machine is equipped with Digital Inverter Technology that optimises the machine’s performance and lifespan.

With smart innovation and technology, these fully automatic Samsung washing machines are a medium to ease dreadful laundry days. Armed with stunning features at affordable pricing, Samsung is all set to pave the way for a revolutionised laundering experience this festive season.

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Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Samsung by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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