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In the realm of K-pop fandom, the relationship between idols and their supporters is often marked by a sense of camaraderie and shared joy. However, recently, the atmosphere around GOT7’s Jay B took an unexpected turn when a fan’s claim of a deeper connection with the idol triggered a wave of controversy.
GOT7, known for their close interactions with fans, has a unique dynamic that extends beyond the stage.Jay B’sparents, in particular, have become familiar figures to the GOT7 fandom, even running a cafe where they warmly welcome fans. Jay B himself frequently visits the establishment, taking the opportunity to greet fans and share moments with his parents.
The controversy erupted when an individual identified as TikTok influencer Marifer Morena made claims suggesting a particularly close relationship with Jay B and his parents. Among the various content shared, an online post featured a photo believed to be Jay B’s vehicle, sparking curiosity and concern among fans.

Initially surfacing on Twitter, the issue quickly gained traction, catching the attention of Jay B’s parents. In response to the situation, Jay B’s mother penned a heartfelt letter, expressing her frustration at the exploitation of her kindness.
In a handwritten letter shared on the Yogurbara Instagram account, Jay B’s mother reflected on the challenges of maintaining kindness in a world seemingly marred by negativity. With utmost respect, she appealed to followers,
“I have something I’d like to say, so here’s a handwritten letter. It’s hard to find kindness these days. Maybe it’s because the world’s in trouble. But no matter where I go, I rarely get a smile with a greeting nowadays. I’d be lucky to have someone say hello, even if it’s not the friendliest. It makes me wonder why everyone is so angry.
Maybe it’s because of rude customers. Or maybe it’s because of medical issues. Everyone has their own stories, but it is difficult for me to completely understand. That might be because I try to be kind to everyone. Once, I read something on social media. It said, ‘Be kind to everyone because you don’t know what kind of a day they’re having. Being kind is the greatest thing a human can do’.
And I felt grateful for that message. I was glad to know there are other people who share that sentiment. It made me promise myself that I’ll continue to be even more kind going forward. Unfortunately, though, my kindness has been taken advantage of. As unexpected as that was, I ask you with the utmost respect. Please help me so that I can continue being kind without change. I’d like to keep being genuine in my kindness.
I’d like to be kind, not because I have to be or I want something in return. And please remember that I cannot welcome anyone who tries to exploit my kindness! If there’s one thing I hope for, it is that I can greet you all with a big smile on my face—no matter where you come from, in what shape or form. That being said, I hope to see everyone this coming weekend! Thank you.”
While Jay B, currently serving in the military, has not publicly addressed the situation.

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