Gujarat assembly elections 2022: Ex-cop D G Vanzara floats Hindutva party to take on BJP | Gujarat Election News – Times of India

AHMEDABAD: Asserting that only a Hindutva-embracing party is capable of replacing BJP in “Hindutva’s laboratory Gujarat”, retired IPS officer D G Vanzara on Tuesday launched his political outfit — Praja Vijay Paksh — and announced that it will contest all the 182 seats in the upcoming assembly elections.
“Any party minus Hindutva cannot replace BJP from power in Gujarat because Gujarat is the laboratory of Hindutva. Praja Vijay Paksha (PVP) is the only party that is capable of this. We have something more to offer on Hindutva than BJP, which has been giving importance only to `rajsatta’ (political authority). PVP will combine `rajsatta’ with `dharmasatta’ (religious authority),” said the former cop, who had gained the reputation of being an encounter specialist.
“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is the case with the uninterrupted 27-year governance of BJP in Gujarat. Congress has attempted to replace BJP without any success. AAP also will not be able to remove BJP from power,” said Vanzara while speaking to reporters.
When asked whether the majority community votes will get divided by PVP’s presence in all the 182 seats, Vanzara said, “In a democracy, there cannot be a single-party rule. Division of votes must happen in a democracy. It is part of the constitutional scheme. What’ wrong with it?”
When asked if he has launched a political outfit because he was denied a ticket by BJP, Vanzara retorted, “Ticket is a very trifle matter. I am not someone who seeks tickets, but someone who gives tickets. I am a giver, not a beggar. This is a question of ideology and the need to change the government.”
He said sadhus and religious gurus are also part of the society and if they seek tickets in the elections, they will surely be fielded by his party. Vanzara joined the police force in 1980 and was promoted to the IPS rank in 1987. He took part in a number of encounters, where police claimed the accused had conspired to kill Narendra Modi, who was then the CM of Gujarat. He was subsequently discharged in all the cases of alleged fake encounters for which he was arrested.

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