‘Here’s a picture from the new Parliament Building’: PM Modi joins WhatsApp Channels

Image Source : WHATSAPP CHANNELS PM Modi in the new Parliament building

WhatsApp’s recent addition of Channels feature has gained popularity and in the recent development, the prime minister of India has joined the new WhatsApp community, marking another significant stride in the ongoing journey of fostering continuous interactions. 

This move underscores the individual’s commitment to staying connected with a broader audience through this popular messaging platform. As part of this new digital venture, PM Modi shared an image taken from the very new Parliament Building, offering a glimpse into their world and anticipation for more engaging exchanges in the days to come. 

He captioned the image as well, by writing: “Thrilled to join the WhatsApp community! It is yet another step closer in our journey of continued interactions. Let’s stay connected here! Here’s a picture from the new Parliament Building…”

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Image Source : WHATSAPP CHANNELSWhatsApp Channels

This initiative demonstrates the growing importance of social media platforms in facilitating direct and meaningful connections between public figures and their followers.

What is WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp has unveiled WhatsApp Channels in India and more than 150 other countries. These channels will provide individuals with private updates from various organizations, sports teams, artists, and influential figures that users can opt to follow. WhatsApp Channels serve as a one-way broadcasting feature within the app, creating what the company describes as the most private broadcast service possible. It’s important to note that these channels are distinct from regular chats, and your choices of whom to follow will not be visible to other followers.


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