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Nayanthara is known as the female superstar of Tamil Cinema, she is currently in the news as reports are doing the rounds about her being upset with director Atlee, as he represented Jawan as a Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukonefilm, whereas she was the lead actress. It was also claimed that she didn’t participate in the post- success media interactions for Jawan because of the same reason, however, she skipped the event due to her mother’s birthday and also she is not known to give interviews.She hasn’t given one in years, and now a video is going viral where she is stating the reason why she stays away from the media.
In the video, Nayanthara was speaking to Asianet and gave her reasons for staying away from the media. She mentioned that the media was targeting her unnecessarily with gossip and rumours which hurt her and her family. Back then, she was also affected by wedding rumours.
Nayanthara was also criticized by Malayalam audiences for appearing in glamorous roles in Tamil movies as opposed to simple but powerful roles in Malayalam. She also explained the dynamics of Tamil Cinema and understands that in films led by Rajinikanth and Ajith, she can’t play a prominent role.
“Won’t my family get hurt? What did I do for my family to get hurt? What I am doing is my work. I am doing what my directors are telling me. No one can point out anything in that. Why are you doing glamorous [roles] and not doing homely [roles]. No one has the right to ask all these things. If you like it, you can watch, if you don’t like it then don’t watch. There are so many people who like to watch and who like me. You can criticize but you need to be right about things,” Nayanthara said in the interview.
“You shouldn’t have done this character this way, or your acting was not to the point, these are proper criticisms. And not the ones who come and say why did you do that, etc. This is why I stopped giving interviews, and when there are controversies about me, I know when I need to clarify, and I will clarify only at that time. Otherwise, I would not say anything. A lot of things are written about me to provoke me, I just simply don’t get provoked. Only when I feel I want to speak about something, only that time I will talk about it,” she added.

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