Is It Part Of Sanatan Dharma? RJD Leader Reacts To Calls For Beheading Udhayanidhi Stalin

Patna: A day after self-styled saint Paramhans Acharya announced a Rs 10 crore bounty for the beheading of Tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi Stalin over his Sanatan Dharma comments, RJD national Vice President Shivanand Tiwari on Tuesday asked what kind of Sanatan Dharma is this where a person announces reward for murder?

“I want to ask them that if appealing to people for the genocide of a particular community in a religious conclave is right. Is it a part of Sanatan Dharma? The way a self-styled saint announced the reward of beheading a person is highly condemnable,” he said.

Paramhans Acharya had announced a Rs 10 crore reward for beheading Udhayanidhi Stalin, who had called for the eradication of the Sanatan Dharma like dengue, malaria, and coronavirus.

Citing the case from the Mahabharat when Guru Dronacharya demanded the thumb of the tribal’s son Eklavya only to make Arjun the best archer in the world, the RJD leader said that Eklavya, who does not have a prominent gotra, caste, and royal background readily sacrifices his thumb and gives it to Dronacharya.

“The tradition of Dronacharya is still applied in the current world. How teachers and professors of prominent institutes like IIT, IIM would treat students of OBC, EBC, minority, SC and ST…,” he said.

“The contractors of Sanatan Dharma should reply where Dalit, backward class people, tribals, and women stand in their religion. Some years ago, a Shankaracharya of Puri came to Patna and made a statement publically that scheduled caste people are untouchable from their birth. I have registered an FIR against him and late Ram Vilas Paswan was the witness of it. That incident is mentioned in his autobiography.

“In Sanatan Dharma, women are termed the doors of hell. Sanatan Dharma allows Sati Pratha. Everyone knows how thousands of widows are living in Varanasi and Vrindavan,” Tiwari said.

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