Is RIIZE’s Seunghan on the brink of removal from popular K-pop Group? | K-pop Movie News – Times of India

There’s buzz in the entertainment industry about the potential removal of RIIZE‘s Seunghan from the group, according to insiders.
On November 21, 10Asia shared insights from industry sources suggesting that Seunghan might face expulsion from the popular K-pop group. The report highlights that the idol’s involvement in various controversies may have led to this consideration.
“The three-strike rule isn’t exclusive to baseball.The (group’s) fandom and industry insiders are raising the possibility that Seunghan will be forced out of the group.” as stated by 10Asia.
This news comes on the heels of previous reports indicating that a significant portion of RIIZE’s fanbase has been expressing a desire for Seunghan’s departure from the group. It appears that Seunghan’s actions have raised concerns not only among the fans but also within the industry itself. The three-strike reference suggests that there might be a limit to the controversies an idol can be involved in before facing serious consequences.
As discussions circulate within the industry, fans are also actively voicing their opinions on social media, indicating a growing sentiment that Seunghan’s departure may be in the best interest of the group. The delicate balance between an idol’s public image and their responsibilities to the group is a topic that continues to capture the attention of both fans and industry insiders alike.
The situation is evolving, and many are watching closely to see how RIIZE and its management will address the concerns raised by both fans and those within the industry regarding Seunghan’s potential removal from the group.

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