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NEW DELHI: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau‘s security personnel sent jitters through the intelligence machinery here after they refused to let their “protectee” stay in the presidential suite that had been specially furbished by the Indian security establishment as per security protocols laid down for heads of state for the G20 summit that concluded recently, sources said.

Sources in the security establishment said the hotel, Lalit in central Delhi, where Trudeau was staying had installed an advanced security shield comprising bulletproof glass with a thick layer of polycarbonate plastic which can even stop sniper bullets. Other security equipment were installed as well as part of a foolproof arrangement.

However, Trudeau‘s delegation decided not to stay in the suite and instead opted for normal rooms, sending Indian security officials into a tizzy. Multiple rounds of negotiations followed in the next few hours during which Indian sleuths insisted that the protocols be followed to help ensure security. However, they had to back off after the Canadian side didn’t budge, and allow Trudeau to stay in a normal room as the final call in such matters rests with the visitor dignitary and his embassy.

It has been learnt that the Canadians offered to pay for the presidential suite as well despite staying in regular rooms.
Sources speculated that Trudeau could have been just following the instructions of his security team which may have had their own apprehensions in the wake of the tense relationship between the two countries.

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There was high drama after the summit as Trudeau could leave for Canada only after a delay of 36 hours as his aircraft reported a malfunction. He was supposed to leave on the night of September 10 (a Sunday) but the technical snag left him stranded. The issue was discovered during the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft, prompting the authorities to ground the Airbus plane. The Canadian PM left on Tuesday afternoon after the glitch was rectified and the aircraft was cleared to fly. This was, however, not the first instance of Trudeau’s plane suffering a malfunction. Similar incidents were reported in 2016 and 2019 too.
India had offered a plane to ferry Trudeau back to Canada but it was refused.

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Watch Justin Trudeau’s hotel drama unfolds: Canadian PM had declined presidential suite offered by India

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