Karan Johar reacts to nepotism allegations: I will not apologize for anything and Alia Bhatt is like my first child – Times of India

Karan Johar has often faced allegations of nepotism, particularly in the context of promoting and supporting star kids over newcomers or outsiders in the industry. These allegations gained significant attention and debate after Kangana Ranaut has called him the flag of bearer of nepotism on his chat show Koffee With Karan. However, Karan recently said that he will not apologize for anything and he will continue to cast actors who he feels is right for the role.
The filmmaker told Mid-day that if that person happens to be related to somebody in the industry then so be it. He said that Alia is like his first child and he will always love her in public and in person. He added that Alia will always be a part of his life and people can keep saying things or call him what they want.
Without taking anyone’s name, Karan said that the negativity is eating that person and not him. He mentioned that he’s rising above and taken the high road in life stating that one cannot change the way of being themselves because of what people say about them.
He further added that he has always done what his heart believes in. “My mum has taught me if you weren’t the right, you believe you weren’t the right then how can anyone make a difference,” he said.

Karan said that if he launches an actor coming from a film family, it may be a privilege for the start but after that, he or she has to prove their mettle. “May be I’ve seen something, May be I’ve the access to that something why should I not leverage it,” he added.
Talking about non-industry people employed in various ventures of Dharma such as Dharmatic shows, Dharma production movie, Dharma 2.0 and DCA (talent management), Karan said that he has an employer base of over 800-1000 people working and out of those, 98 per cent are not from the industry.
He stated that their livelihood depends onto work that is given to them and they make sure they are well taking care of each and every member of that organization. “Why is this data not talked about? Why are we talking about that one star kid or one industry kid that is giving you opportunity? What about the other thousands of people that are working, who are not from the industry and working beautifully, comfortably and contributing so massively,” Karan questioned.

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