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BHOPAL: Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Uma Bharti on Monday went to Someshwar Dham temple in Raisen fort, 47km from Bhopal, and found the doors closed. She declared she would not eat grains till the gates are opened.
Someshwar Dham temple is kept locked by the archeological department and is opened once a year for devotees on Shivratri.
On April 7, Bharti had tweeted that she would offer ‘jal abhishek’ to the deity in the Shiva temple and had collected water from Gangotri to offer to the deity.
A large police contingent and all top administrative officers of the district guarded the area when Uma Bharti arrived at the temple to perform her puja on Monday morning. She was told by the district administration that gates of the temple cannot be opened. “Till the time the door of the temple is not unlocked, I will not eat anna (grains),” she announced. “I want the gates of this temple to be opened, I don’t want to break it open. The lock is so small that it can break if I hit it with my fist,” Bharti said. She performed Jal Abhishekh at the door.
“I will offer flowers to Mahadev. There will be fire for homm, havan and aarti. Only then will I break my fast,” she said.
Someshwar Dham temple was built by king Udayaditya of the Parmar dynasty in the 11th century AD. This is where the royalty offered their prayers till 1543 when Sher Shah Suri defeated king Pooranmal. The temple remained locked till 1974, when a local movement urged chief minister Prakash Chand Sethi to open the temple. Since then, the temple is opened for devotees only for 12 hours on Shivratri.
Recently, there have been demands from saffron organisations including VHP, Bajrang Dal and Karni Sena to open the temple.
In her tweets on April 7, Bharti spoke of the ‘treachery’ of Sher Shah Suri and the courage of king Pooranmal, his wife and children.
Eighteen months before the next assembly elections, Uma Bharti – who seems to be seeking a return to electoral politics in the state – could be seeing Someshwar Dham in 2023 as Bhojshala of 2003.
Someshwar Dham could become an emotive issue for the ruling BJP like the Bhojshala-Wagh Devi (Saraswati) temple disputed site of Dhar before the 2003 assembly elections. It was claimed that Bhojshala was constructed by Raja Bhoja of the Paramar dynasty in the 11th century but was later transformed into the Kamal Maula Mosque. A movement was started by VHP before the 2003 elections, which saw the opening of the temple for Hindus every Tuesday while Muslims offer prayers every Friday. It was one of the issues that brought BJP, led by Uma Bharti, to power with Congress reduced to just 38 seats in a House of 230.

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