Next iPad Pro to resemble MacBook with enhanced Magic Keyboard

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Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch the next-generation iPad Pro early next year, and it may bring a significant transformation to the device, blurring the line between the iPad and MacBook. According to a Bloomberg report by renowned Apple analyst Mark Gurman, the new iPad Pro is expected to feature a larger display, an upgraded chipset, and an enhanced Magic Keyboard accessory, aligning it more closely with the MacBook.

One of the key highlights of this upcoming iPad Pro is the revamped Magic Keyboard accessory, which will now incorporate aluminium for a more MacBook-like appearance. This move aims to enhance the overall sturdiness of the keyboard, offering a more premium build quality. The current iteration of the Magic Keyboard uses polyurethane material, which is considered less robust and more prone to bending or tearing at the edges. While this improved build quality is a welcome addition, it may also result in a higher price tag.

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Furthermore, the new Magic Keyboard is expected to feature a larger trackpad, offering users a more versatile and efficient input method. This trackpad expansion aligns with Apple’s strategy to bridge the gap between traditional laptops and tablets, making the iPad Pro a more suitable device for productivity tasks.

In terms of performance, the new iPad Pro is rumoured to be powered by the M3 SoC (System-on-Chip), which could bring significant performance enhancements compared to its predecessor. Apple’s new M3 chipset-powered MacBook laptops are also expected to launch globally in October, showcasing the company’s commitment to its custom silicon.

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Another noteworthy upgrade is the potential introduction of an OLED display for the iPad Pro. OLED displays are known for their vibrant colours, deep blacks, and energy efficiency, as each pixel can be individually controlled. This change could provide a richer and more immersive visual experience compared to the current LED panel.

Lastly, the display size of the top-tier iPad Pro variant may increase from the current 12.9 inches to 13 inches, further enhancing the device’s usability for various tasks.

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As Apple continues to push the boundaries of its iPad Pro lineup, these anticipated changes signal the company’s dedication to creating a versatile and powerful computing device that can seamlessly bridge the gap between tablet and laptop functionality.

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