Pooja Bhatt reacts to troll who questioned if Mahesh Bhatt used her ‘body to satisfy his ego’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Pooja Bhatt recently exited a reality TV show wherein she was locked in a house with several other contestants. Over the weekend, the actress penned a note appreciating freedom post the stint.
A comment on her post read, “Your father is telling tales of stark naked parveen Bobby ran after him in dark night. To please his ego. Are you sure Mahesh Bhattnever used your body to satisfy his ego.What an irony ohh God. People can use someone’s innocent feelings to please their egos and mights. And then move freely around calling themselves sons of God.” Replying to him, Pooja wrote, “May God bless you and rescue you from the blind hate that you choose to spew. Wish you the best.”
During her stint on the show, Pooja had opened up about her marriage with VJ and Restaurant owner Manish Makhija and shared, “I was married for almost 11 years then we decided that something is not right and it is not working out. We should not live a lie and it is not a dress rehearsal. You get one chance in life. He was part of the entertainment industry. He is a very good human being, he’s Capricorn and that’s why we got along very well.” Speaking about their divorce, Pooja added, “When we start speaking a lie, Uske baad kya hota hai Na jhooth shuru hojaata hai, the blame game starts and I didn’t want that. Whatever was there bahut accha tha.., jab tak tha. Till the time dignity was there we were together. Then we parted ways on a good note.” Pooja Bhatt and Manish Makhija ended their marriage in 2014.

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