Real Facts

Google has a distinct identity in the world of internet. Every person who knows about the internet also knows about Google. Google has become a part of every Internet user’s life in today’s time. A typical internet user searches Google many times in a single day and gets information. Most of all internet users use Google. Google is a multinational technology company which has many interesting facts.

Real Facts
  1. Google earns around Rs.60000 every second. 200 crores a day
  2. Google shows more than 200 things to show its search result so that the user can get accurate and accurate information.
  3. Google has bought an average of one company every week since 2010.
  4. Google was founded on 4 September 1998.
  5. Advertising accounts for 90% of Google’s revenue.
  6. Google gives free Google condoms to its employees, which are red, green, blue and yellow, on these condoms are written with ‘I Feeling Lucky’.
  7. In Iceland, it is against the law to have a pet dog.
  8. Some insects eat themselves if they do not get food.
  9. The age of a squirrel is 9 years.
  10. The lizard’s heart beats 1000 times in 1 minute.
  11. If a small amount of alcohol or juice is put on a scorpion, it will go crazy and sting itself.
  12. It is impossible for an average human to lick his own elbow.
  13. Applying headphones for just one hour increases the number of bacteria in our ears by 700 times.
  14. The name of hundreds of people in America is ABCDE
  15. Your heart bursts about 100,000 times a day.