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Sharry Maan has been the center of several controversies of late. Earlier, his comments for Parmish Verma got him into trouble and even reignited their previous word war; and now, his statement on the religious Gurus has not gone down well with the Sikh community.

In his live session, Sharry Maan said, “Let me tell you one more thing, now Osho is my actual guru. Now whenever I’ll get on the right path, only Osho will take me there and no other guru can do this. No other guru has power. Nobody else can do it. There is no other power that can take me to the right path. Only Osho can take me to the right path”. He even used abusive words during the same session.

Thereafter, Sharry got some serious warnings and threats from the Sikh community. His colorful language was not appreciated at all. Sharry too realized that it is time to show the white flag and thus, released a public apology. He took to his social media handle to share a post that stated he respects the Guru Granth Sahib with all his heart and can never think anything negative about the holly book. He added he can’t compare Guru Granth Sahib with anything else ever, so kindly don’t take his words otherwise. Further, he apologized for hurting the religious sentiments of the people and wrote that he didn’t do it intentionally.

Read Sharry Maan’s complete public apology here:

Earlier also Sharry Maan stated that his behavior has changed after the demise of his mother. However, he is aware of the fact that he needs to bring some changes in his life, and he promised his fans that he will work on the same.

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