SHOCKING! Govt School Children Denied Meal For 2 Days As Puishment. Their Fault Was…

A disconcerting incident has recently unfolded in a missionary boarding school in Chhattisgarh, where 45 children were subjected to a contentious disciplinary measure. The school administration’s decision to withhold meals from these young students for two days has sparked outrage and debate. This punishment was imposed following an accidental incident during a football game, where the ball was damaged. The controversy has raised questions about the school’s disciplinary practices and the welfare of its students.

The Unusual Punishment

In a rather unconventional move, the school authorities opted to penalize the children for unintentional damage to a football. This punishment involved depriving them of their regular meals for a two-day period.

School’s Location and Student Demographics

The incident took place in the missionary boarding school located in Pratappur, situated approximately 380 kilometers away from Raipur. The school caters to 141 students, primarily from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. However, due to limited hostel capacity, only 21 students can be accommodated in the facility.

Public Outcry and Viral Video

The news of children being denied meals quickly gained public attention, prompting local residents to step in. They distributed biscuits and other food items to the affected students. A video capturing the biscuit distribution went viral on social media platforms, intensifying public outrage.

Prompt Administrative

Action Following the widespread outrage and viral video, local authorities initiated a prompt investigation into the matter. Officials from the district administration and the education department confirmed the punitive measures taken against the children. Their investigation validated the allegations made against the school.

Suspension of School Superintendent

In response to the investigation’s findings, the superintendent responsible for the controversial punishment was suspended. This action was taken as a result of the district magistrate acknowledging the veracity of the allegations.

This incident has ignited discussions about the appropriate use of disciplinary measures in educational institutions and has underscored the importance of ensuring the well-being of students in schools.

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