Success Story: These Two Brothers Started Farming After Doing B.Tech & MBA, Today Their Earnings Are Into Crores

India’s agriculture sector, often hailed as the backbone of the nation, is a complex tapestry of traditions, challenges, and opportunities. With the majority of its population residing in rural areas, agriculture plays a vital role in not only ensuring food security but also sustaining livelihoods. However, the sector has faced myriad challenges, including fragmented land holdings, outdated farming practices with very low technological advancements, and Climate change resulting in erratic weather making it more difficult for farmers to grow crops in open fields.

Despite the challenges, two brothers Abhishek and Shashank, co-founders of Agriplast, have not only built a thriving brand together but have also transformed the way farmers approach agriculture. While their academic backgrounds differ, their shared entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for Agriplast North’s remarkable journey. They came together to launch Agriplast North, setting out to make a difference in the lives of farmers who struggle to earn their living in open field cultivation.

Farming with a Vision

Agriplast North began its journey in 2011 when the duo just after completing their B.TECH & MBA left their jobs & chose to do farming on a leased land of 5 acres and showcasing technology in farming for farmers to believe it can change their lives by increasing income. 

Initially, skepticism ran high, as many doubted their ability to even sustain their farming endeavor for a mere month due to the inherent challenges. However, their unwavering patience and resilience paid off as they achieved remarkable crop yields. Word of their success spread like wildfire, attracting farmers from various regions who were eager to learn from their farming innovations.

These enterprising brothers are using cutting-edge technologies such as drip irrigation, mulching, nethouses, polyhouses, and automation to help transform the income of farmers, catapulting it from a meager Rs 2 lakhs per acre to an impressive Rs 25 lakhs per acre. 

Their impact extended beyond their own fields as they successfully trained more than 15,000 farmers, establishing one of the most extensive networks of farmers using technology to enhance their agricultural practices.

Today, Abhishek serves as the Director & Board Member of Agriplast Protected Cultivation which has brought multiple Israeli technologies in India in last decade, contributing significantly to its revenue growth. Under his leadership, the cumulative turnover has reached approximately Rs 45 to 50 crores.

Shashank is the Managing partner of Agriplast North & responsible for implementation and ensuring the execution of their ideas. With deep connections in the farming community, he is well-known and respected among farmers. His expertise has played a pivotal role in Agriplast’s success. Together, their journey from a humble Rs 50,000 loan from their father to a Rs 50 crore business last year is nothing short of inspiring. 

Clean Food and Sustainable Agriculture

The use of Israeli & Dutch technologies have reduced pesticide & water usage by up to 90%, resulting in cleaner and safer food production. Furthermore, they are dedicated to preserving essential resources like water and soil, which have suffered due to the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers over the years. With their manufacturing plants, a vast farming network, and a global presence in over 15 countries, Agriplast is further poised for significant growth. 

They aim to open multiple factories in India within the next five years, becoming a Rs 500 crore brand that impacts the lives of farmers while introducing technology into farming.

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