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NEW DELHI: Boxing ace and 2012 Olympic bronze medallist MC Mary Kom emphasised on the importance of hard work in life, saying there is no substitute for it.
The 40-year old Indian icon still maintains a rigorous training regimen, working out three times a day, to keep herself motivated even today. Her daily routine consists of getting up early, hitting the gym, and dedicating herself to training and exercise, all of which remain her top priorities.
Speaking at the Times of India‘s “Right to Excellence Sports Summit”, the star boxer said: “Hunger comes from inside.If I miss out on my training or regime for one day, it leaves me disappointed. I work out thrice a day. I try to maintain that number. Regular practice and training keep me fresh. I am just addicted to it.”Mary, a six-time World Champion and 2014 Asian Games gold medallist, shared her life’s experience to get across her points about hard work.
“I come from a small and humble background. My parents always motivated me and kept telling me the positives of life. I have faced a lot of struggle in my life but I never gave up. I just kept on fighting. There is no substitute for hard work,” she said.
Mary, a former Rajya Sabha member, also added that she is a different person when she is at home, disclosing her passion for cooking for her family.

“I cook delicious food. I cook both veg and non-veg. I am a multi-talented person,” Mary said with a smile.
“I am a tigress when I am in the boxing ring but when I am at home, I am a good wife and good mother,” she added.
Mary highlighted the importance of focus and hard work in achieving her goals as an elite athlete.
“I hardly spent much time with my family in my life because of boxing. The focus was very important. I have been busy training, practice and preparing for competitions. That’s why I am here. But when I am home, I completely dedicate my time to my family members now,” Mary said.

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