This University has been providing Global Learning Opportunities across Europe

Amid the relaxing of travel restrictions, this local university has once again reopened its gateways to internationalization in full swing, allowing many of its students and staff to go abroad through numerous learning opportunities. Through its International Relations Cell, Parul University recently welcomed delegates from Poland, Belgium, and Portugal for its annually held International Week, providing a leading exposure to its students and staff to global opportunities across Europe. Adding to its international exploits, the University’s Director of International Relations, Dr. Preeti Nair, recently visited numerous countries across Europe, including Spain, Lithuania, and France, to develop India’s ties with European Higher Education Institutions. The University has been continually making efforts to provide the students with opportunities across multiple countries worldwide.

Parul University once again celebrated its annual ‘International Week’, which featured foreign delegates from numerous countries across Europe. This week-long campus affair was organized to provide the University’s students and faculties with an enriching exposure to international opportunities. The gathering hosted three of the University’s partners, including Dr. Martin Valcke, Ghent University, Belgium, Dr. Miguel Amaral, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal and Dr. Kamila Ludwikowska, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland. The delegates conducted sessions and lectures in the multiple streams of academia with insights into the European industry for the students. In addition, the International experts also took part in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit where they shared their expert knowledge in various areas, including discussions on the future of virtual reality, business entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

Dr. Preeti Nair, the Director of International Relations, recently visited Europe to strengthen internationalization and explore opportunities for Indian students and faculties across Europe. In her expedition, Dr. Nair visited Spain, Lithuania and France, where she interacted and engaged with various Universities across these countries. Some of the Universities she engaged with include the University of Salamanca and the University of Granada in Spain, the University of Vilnius in Lithuania, Esigelec University and College De Pairs in France. For years, the University has been focusing on providing its students with a global holistic educational approach through over 85 of its international collaborations. “As a university, our goal is to make continuous and consistent efforts to provide students and faculty beneficiaries with the best opportunities abroad either through mobility programs or study abroad programs to support their knowledge further”, said Dr. Nair.

During her time in Spain, she visited the University of Salamanca, where she engaged in sessions and interacted with the delegates of these Universities in order to strengthen opportunities for students and faculty members. This visit was followed by an Erasmus+ funded trip to the University of Granada on a mobility program where she participated in European Union-funded programs. During her ventures in Lithuania, she was presented with an opportunity to promote Indian culture and Parul University through numerous seminars and talk sessions with delegates from different countries and universities.

While in France, Dr. Nair engaged with the delegation from the Parul University’s Partner Universities, where she held meetings with the French partner Universities centred on strengthening collaborations with India. The University continues intensifying opportunities for its students to gain international exposure throughout their learning experience. Within the first quarter alone, the University has sent over 45 students to Europe, Canada and USA under various Semester Exchange, Summer Schools, Pathway and Study Abroad Programs.




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