Uma Bhartis Anger: Wont Come To Jan Ashirvad Yatra, Even If…

Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and former Union Minister, Uma Bharti, has made a significant announcement of her refusal to participate in the “Jan Ashirwad Yatra” initiated by the BJP in the state. This yatra holds immense political importance as it is intricately tied to the preparations for the upcoming Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections.

No Invitation for “Jan Ashirwad Yatra” and Closing Ceremony

Uma Bharti has expressed her disappointment over not receiving an invitation to join the “Jan Ashirwad Yatra,” which commenced as a statewide campaign by the BJP. Furthermore, she declared her decision not to attend the closing ceremony of the yatra, scheduled for September 25. This concluding event is expected to feature Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

BJP’s Strategy for MP Assembly Elections

The BJP, in its bid to showcase the achievements of its government in Madhya Pradesh and launch a pointed attack on the Congress, has planned the “Jan Ashirwad Yatra.” The party initiated this campaign to bring the successes of its governance to the masses and draw a sharp contrast with the opposition.

Two Separate “Jan Ashirwad Yatras”

As part of this strategy, the BJP has organized two “Jan Ashirwad Yatras” consecutively, with the first one commencing from Satna district in Madhya Pradesh. BJP National President JP Nadda inaugurated this journey. The second leg of the campaign, set to start soon, will be flagged off by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh from Neemuch.

Uma Bharti’s Stance on the Campaign

Uma Bharti’s decision to stay away from the campaign highlights her disapproval of certain aspects of the “Jan Ashirwad Yatra.” She openly criticized the lavish expenditure on weddings and the stay of BJP leaders in five-star hotels during the campaign, stating that such a lifestyle is against the principles and preferences of leaders like Prime Minister Modi.

Uma Bharti’s Reservations

Uma Bharti’s reservations about the campaign were aired through her social media accounts. In a series of tweets, she mentioned, “There is no doubt in my mind about the respect I hold for Shivraj [Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan], and he has an unbreakable bond of affection towards me. When and where he asks me to campaign, I will do so, keeping that affection in mind. But the expenditures of lavish weddings and the stay of our leaders in five-star hotels during the campaign is something I have disapproved of from the beginning. Even Modi Ji dislikes such a lifestyle. I will continue to voice my concerns. We cannot ignore the lessons of Gandhi, Deendayal, and Modi.”

Uma Bharti’s decision and her vocal criticism of certain aspects of the campaign have stirred discussions within the BJP circles in Madhya Pradesh. It remains to be seen how this development will impact the party’s preparations for the upcoming Assembly elections in the state.

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