UPSC Success Story: Meerut Engineer Had Something Extra-Ordinary In Mind – Social Media Was A BIG NO For Her…

Discover the inspirational journey of Aarushi Sharma, a trailblazer who transitioned from engineering to a distinguished career in the civil services. Her story is a testament to unwavering determination and passion for excellence.

From B.Tech to an Uncharted Path

Aarushi Sharma, a native of Meerut, India, embarked on a unique journey that saw her graduate with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) from Delhi Technological University. Despite her academic success, she felt unfulfilled in the engineering field. With courage, she made a life-altering decision – to abandon her campus placement opportunities and pursue her dream of clearing the challenging Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations.

The UPSC Dream Beckons

Aarushi relocated to Delhi, determined to tackle the demanding UPSC exams. Her dedication was unwavering as she dived deep into the intricate UPSC syllabus. She embraced a solitary and exhaustive self-study approach to prepare herself.

Triumph Amidst Setbacks

Though she encountered initial setbacks and disappointments, Aarushi’s determination to succeed only grew stronger. She distanced herself from social media distractions and recommitted herself to her goal.

A Milestone Achieved: Indian Information Services (IIS)

In 2021, Aarushi’s relentless hard work paid off when she secured a coveted position in the prestigious Indian Information Services (IIS).

Continuing the Pursuit: Indian Revenue Services (IRS)

Unsatisfied with just one success, Aarushi re-entered the fray in UPSC 2022. This time, she secured an impressive rank of 402, earning a place in the esteemed Indian Revenue Services (IRS).

A Lifelong Curiosity and Learning

Aarushi Sharma’s journey is marked by her lifelong curiosity and appetite for knowledge. Currently stationed as an IRS officer in bustling Mumbai, she excels in her professional role while actively engaging with a wider audience on social media, particularly Instagram, where she boasts a substantial following of over 69,000 admirers.

Conclusion: Aarushi Sharma’s Inspiring Odyssey

Aarushi Sharma’s remarkable journey serves as a beacon for those who possess determination, adaptability, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Her story inspires not only aspiring civil servants but anyone with a dream and the unwavering resolve to pursue it.

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