Uttar Pradesh: Woman, daughter beaten to death in Kemthal village by kin in broad daylight

Image Source : INDIA TV Woman, daughter beaten to death in Kemthal village

Uttar Pradesh: In a shameful incident, a middle-aged woman and her 22-year-old daughter were beaten to death in Kemthal village in broad daylight on Monday. According to police, the incident occurred during a ceremony to mark the death of her husband. 

SSP Kalanidhi Naithani told reporters that the woman and her daughter had been attending the ‘terahvin’, the 13th day, of her husband’s passing, when her brothers-in-law attacked them with lathis which led to their death on the spot.

The assailants have been identified as Dharamveer, Ramesh, and Rakesh, the SSP said. The attackers fled the scene after villagers present there intervened in the matter, the officer said.

A few relatives of the woman’s in-laws have been picked up for questioning. Police said that the assault was linked to a tussle over the inheritance of the property of the husband.

(with inputs from PTI)

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