Viral Video: Internet goes crazy over ‘Gulab Jamun Chat,’ says ‘Ab Is Gole Par Nahi Rehna’- Watch

New Delhi: The era of social media has given a rise to various types of blogs and food blogging has emerged as one of the most surfed blogs on the internet. Food blogging gives chance to viewers to get to know about various delicious cuisines cooked around the world. However, one can always come across some bizarre fusion foods which may leave the person confused.

One such video is surfacing all over social media where a food blogger is seen eating ‘Gulab Jamun Chat.’  Yes! you read it right, the ‘Gulab Jamun Chat’ which has all the ingredients of normal Chat like Sev, Curd, Chutneys in addition with Gulab Jamun. 

The video of  bizarre fusion food was posted on the Instagram page Tongue twister where the food blogger himself did not say anything after eating the ‘Gulab Jamun Chat.’ However, he praised the taste of fusion food in the caption of the post. Watch:

The video has been viewed by thousands of Insta users and most people are not able to digest even the idea of ‘Gulab Jamun Chat.’ However, this is not the first fusion food of one of the most liked sweet dishes Gulab Jamun. Earlier one food blogger has posted about ‘Gulab Jamun Parantha.’

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