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Vishal Bharadwaj became part of movies first as a music director and with passing time he tapped into his inner talents and turned into a director and delivered movies like Makdee, Maqbool, Kaminey, Haider etc. The director is now going to make his debut as a director on OTT with Charlie Chopra and The Mystery of Solang Valley which is based on Agatha Christie’s The Sittaford Mystery.
Excerpts from interview:
You have usually worked on plays written by Shakespeare but for your OTT debut with Charlie Chopra and The Mystery of Solang Valley, you chose to adapt Agatha Christie’s book. So did you get into a fight with Shakespeare this time around?
(Laughs) No, it has been about 10 years since I made Haider, last of my tragedy trilogy of Shakespeare’s work. But yes I want to start work on his comedy trilogy soon. Coming to Charlie Chopra, I have been wanting to do a whodunit by Agatha Christie for a very long time. Actually I had taken the rights of the book back in 2019.
Earlier I had written a movie script based on the book but the cast that I wanted to make it with and the way I wanted to make it, it was getting difficult to raise money for it . This project would have shut down had I not met up with the creative head of Sony Liv Danish Khan. He mentioned that we haven’t worked together and if I would have anything which we can work together on. So I told him I have a film script, but he told me they don’t work on films and asked me if I can convert it into a series .The best part of working on a series for a filmmaker is that he doesn’t have to let go of his detailing.
You and Irrfan Khan had a very close bond. Post his demise, you wrote a screenplay called Irrfan and I, which was printed in Times Of India. Have you ever revisited it after that ?
I was very emotionally disturbed when he passed away. I get disturbed even now when I think about Irrfan. Back then I wanted to say something. A lot of people asked me to write for their publication, someone even asked to write a chapter on him, a book was being written on him.
I wanted to speak in the language with which Irrfan and I connected, so I attempted the screenplay which showcased our journey . I then showed it to Gulzar saab and he was moved, he asked me to write more about it. It is like a biographical relationship between an actor and director and it was cinematic as cinema was my and Irrfan’s language.
Writing it was my catharsis. Meghna Gulzar told me to make it into a film or something and I told her I can’t do it as I’m a character in it . She suggested she wants to make it or if Aasman, my son, could make it. But sooner or later it should be made.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s EMOTIONAL Interview On Irrfan Khan, Bond With Gulzar | Charlie Chopra

Your son Aasman, made his debut as a director with Kuttey. The film didn’t do well at the box office. How do you look back at his journey?
As a father I’m very proud of him that he chose to make such a difficult film as his first film. I think he shouldn’t have done that. Even I attempted Kaminey after I had a couple of films under my belt. It is a difficult genre where a lot is happening in just one night.
I never went on the sets because I didn’t want anyone to feel that I made it. I was happy that he alone was able to pull it off, people may not have liked the film but I feel he knows his craft.
One of your strongest connections in the industry has been Gulzar, how do see your equation with him?
I have been very fortunate, I don’t know what more I can ask from life. We have been working together for the last 34 years, there was a point when I was hoping to get just one song with him and today we have done over 50 films and 600 songs together.
One striking aspect of all your films has been that they are anti-establishment, do you feel it is getting riskier with every passing day ?
Yes. I don’t think you should even ask this question. Yes, these are difficult times for freedom of speech, but I think we will move out of this phase as well. Nothing is permanent, something or other will change. If not, then change will come in people and who knows that today who are suppressing it, tomorrow they will become liberal.

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