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NEW DELHI: India emerged victorious in the Asia Cup, securing their 8th title in a spectacular manner on Sunday.
The team showcased an exceptional performance, particularly Mohammed Siraj, who displayed an outstanding bowling spell. Siraj’s remarkable figures of 6 for 21 in seven overs led to Sri Lanka being bundled out for a mere 50 runs in 15.2 overs. With a small target set, the Indian team confidently chased it down in just 6.1 overs, without losing a single wicket.
However, after the match, a video circulating on social media revealed an amusing incident involving Indian skipper Rohit Sharma.
As the team was leaving the team hotel in Colombo, according to the social media posts it was discovered that Sharma had forgotten his passport. The support staff had to retrieve it for him, causing a delay in their departure for the airport.

This incident drew attention to a statement made by Virat Kohli on a talk show called Breakfast With Champions. Kohli had mentioned how Sharma often forgets items like iPads and has even forgotten his passport on a couple of occasions. The team’s logistics manager has now implemented a system of double-checking Sharma’s belongings before allowing the team bus to depart.

It seems that a similar situation occurred on Sunday night, with Sharma unintentionally leaving his passport behind. Despite this minor hiccup, India’s victory in the Asia Cup remains a significant milestone. The incident with Sharma’s forgotten passport adds a lighthearted and relatable touch to their journey towards success.

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