Watch: Hyderabad Police Couples Pre-Wedding Shoot Goes Viral, Evokes Mixed Reactions

Pre-wedding shoots have been for some time an integral part of marriage photo shoots. While it’s not an uncommon thing anymore, a recent photoshoot of a Hyderabad police couple has gone viral on social media and has sparked debate on social media. The video is around two minutes and it shows the couple – two police officers – in their cop uniform and they are seen entering the station as in a movie. The rest of the video shows the couple singing and dancing in picturesque locations across the city, including the Charminar and the Laad Bazaar.

Check out the video here:

The video has evoked mixed reactions. While some said they understand their excitement, others have criticised the use of public money, public property and cops’ uniforms for the purpose. One user wrote, “They are using public property for personal use, absolutely wrong.” Another wrote, “This is not in good taste and should be discouraged for all government servants. There is a code but there should be a rule/law stating a no in uniform.”

However, some have come out in support of the couple. “I don’t see any harm in this. People show in the shoots what their job is and in this case, they are switching their personalities from hardcore police officers to romantic couples. Truly appreciate the creativity and thought. This is the same what is shown in movies,” one user wrote. 

Seeing the video, Senior IPS officer CV Anand reacted on X (formerly Twitter): “I have seen mixed reactions to this. Honestly, they seem to be a little overexcited about their marriage, and that’s great news, though a little embarrassing. Policing is a very, very tough job, especially for ladies. And her finding a spouse in the department is an occasion for all of us to celebrate. The fact that it’s two police officers, I find nothing wrong in them using the police department property and symbols. If they had informed us earlier, we would have definitely given consent for the shoot.” He added a dash of humour, saying, “Some of us may feel outraged, but I feel like meeting them and blessing them, though they didn’t invite me to their wedding. Of course, I advise others not to repeat this without proper permission.”

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