Rupees are made not from paper but from cotton

The world is amazing, we all know this. Perhaps this is why everyone wants to live more and more. But sadly, the world is so big that no human being can see the whole world in his life. Well never mind, at least we can know the mysteries related to the world, which are really amazing.


1. If the size of an ant is equal to that of a man, then he will run twice as fast from a car

2. People who are upset spend more money than those who are happy

3. The most commonly used password in the world is 123456

4. Ants never sleep

5. Horses can sleep while standing because their legs are strong.

6. There are so many species of apples in the world that if one apple is eaten daily, then it will take 20 years to eat every type of apple.

7. There is no smell in sweat, the smell is due to bacteria present on the body

8. The human brain has such a storage capacity that even 5 times more information can be saved than the information on Wikipedia.

9. The upper jaw of teeth is the strongest part of our body

10. Rupees are made not from paper but cotton.