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Why let reality bore you, when you can comfortably get sucked into the world of fantasy, with Trollocs, Aes Sedai and a Dragon Reborn? Zoe Robbins and Madeleine Madden return to screens as Nynaeve and Egwene in the second season of Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time that debuts today, September 1. Ahead of the series’ release, the two actresses took a break from their on-screen world of spells and magic for a chat with ETimes where they spilled secrets from the sets, teased about all that is to unfold in this new chapter and also what they are most looking forward to in the finale. Excerpts:
We’re back in the centre of all the action in Wheel of Time season 2. What was it like getting back on the sets and picking up where you guys left off?
Madeleine Madden: We pick off in season two with all of our heroes in separate corners of the world. They’re all dealing with the hangover of what was season one and the huge Trollic battle of Fal’dara. We find them sort of sitting in their isolation that they’ve found themselves in. They draw so much strength from being together and moving as a family and when that’s taken away from them, I think they feel quite naked without the support of their people around them. So we find our heroes dealing with this isolation, this loneliness, and trying to find their strength within themselves. That was beautiful.
Zoe Robbins: I think Maddie summed it up perfectly. They’re all kind of grappling and struggling with the massive changes that have happened in their lives. For Nynaeve and Egwene, obviously in season one, they learned that they can channel, which must have been absolutely mind-blowing to realise they can harness the specific power inside of them. And yeah, there’s been such a massive shift in themselves and what the world looks like. We meet them in season one and they’re all in different corners of the world and they’re all having to face with a new reality that they never expected they’d be dealt with.
This season chronicles the characters’ individual journeys. What were you most excited to explore about your character?
Madeleine: I think it’s a pretty big season for both Zoe and I.
Zoe: I don’t know if you remember this, Maddie, but I think honestly just getting new scripts for season two was so exciting. So we’d shot season one over the better half of, was it like 18 months or was I feel like it was close to two years? So we’d obviously grown up a lot in that space alongside our characters and I think season two lands in a more mature kind of shore. And I think we all kind of rose to the occasion as actors because it felt like there was like a merging of real life in what we were playing. So that was really fun to just get to play characters who have gone through stuff just like we had personally and the world had gone through personally throughout the pandemic.
Getting back on set and into your costumes after two years, what was the scene like on set?
Madeleine: It was definitely nice having a costume change after two years.
Zoe: Oh my gosh! We were like the Simpsons all season one.
Madeleine: It was nice to change it up a little bit and, like Zoe said, to grow with these characters and find them in completely different circumstances and environments. We absolutely do see them lean into what their destiny might be and to what their duty is as well to the world, but also to themselves. And that is looking in at their own power and how they can harness that. And power is such a big theme this season. What people do with their power, whether they use it for good, whether it corrupts them and their judgment and their morals. So we see our heroes be tested with this constantly. So it’s exciting to flesh out those new nuances.
Where does the chapter close for Season 2 and what can we expect now from Season 3?
Zoe: I think to keep it as vague as possible, there’s a lot more growth emotionally for all characters. You see some of them really step into who they are and walk in the gifts that they’ve been given. And you see some of them continuously struggle with life and all the changes that they’ve had to face. What can we tease from season three, Maddie?
Madeleine: As the Wheel of Time continues to expand always and forever, we have an abundance of new cast and characters that come into the show who become big players in this season and in the events that unfold. So we have some very influential characters that come in and change the course of people’s relationships and arcs and their sense of self. We have these huge forces of nature that really affect our heroes. So like Zoe said, our characters grow and we find them, I think, in an emotional state and personal growth that is very different to where we first see them at the beginning of season two.
The Wheel of Time also stars Rosamund Pike, Josha Stradowski and Daniel Henney in pivotal roles. Created by Rafe Judkins, the fantasy series will premiere with the first three episodes in English, with dubs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

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